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A general atmosphere of political, religious and cultural tension building leads to more terrorist and criminal attacks and endangers the survival of our industry in the long run. In order to safeguard our future, we must work in close partnership with the national and the European authorities and define, together with these authorities, clear responsibilities and liabilities to be carried by our industry in a balance with our contribution to the security climate in general, in particular for the high.



I think so just I thought we’re going to three quick steps of what you should do next the first thing is really looking at what is your intellectual property and using here it will be different some of you will be very designed focus will be creating a lot of new products have to wholesale and www.westcoastvaluers.com.au capture selling to someone else some of you might have a retail store some of you might design for yourself cetera think about all the different things that you might have that might be protected so, for example, expect something like with your website drawings and sketches that you make they would be automatically protected

It is important to underline that these discussions take place within a framework and that they have strong objectives. To ensure a better balance between the interests of the clients and the providers of private security services. Cheap Conveyancing To focus attention on the integration of the new EU Member States (social integration, working conditions, quality of service, …); It goes without saying that CoESS, in order to work towards these objectives, should have a strong basis and the necessary means.

It is the task of CoESS to define a platform of common interest with our clients and their trade associations: airports, seaports, insurance companies, nuclear industry, IT sector, communication sector, banking sector, transport sector, …. The means which should allow this ambitious but very necessary programme must be both internal and external. At the external level, focus should be placed on monitoring and intelligence gathering, and on positioning and contact building programmes.

As the European and international environment put more and more pressure on our businesses and demand more and more input from our sector, there is no way back. The general meeting also approved the accounts and the financial statement of 2002 as well as the interim financial report (1st January – 31 August 2003).