Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Valuation

Pn some stuff that’s going to help more Australians manage money better and over be able to wealthier tomorrow well be fair to say that our listeners shouldn’t able to say that they don’t have the house and all because we’ve given money smarts and we were given.

A money management tips so anyone whos listening to this episode and haven’t listened to any other rewind start to atone and cuddle up it’s a great point we have into.

that for a while if you’re you’re new to this podcast get back episode one right now we got people riding been inside of cut three lap three laps, yeah she yeah really that’s like doing started doing victory lap on the Tour de France and that’s like there’s a fair bit of listening they’re surely out with contents not well it’s well you’re being humble but it’s about repetition being.

The mother of learn yeah so it’s repetition being the mother of learnt he’s just got these great guys he’s just got these man just brilliant all right last one man I think you might be able to pull one more effort in the timeframe allowed well the other thing that I also get a lot of differences.

so you know in terms of why not invest¬†¬†property so why shouldn’t you invest in property dual purpose the whole dual purpose of why I’m doing it so for me I got a couple of examples every now and then I get a mum and dad coming to send their kids are you know sort maybe in early teens but they’re sort citing a plan for them they might and living in town or you know the kid wants to specialize in a certain skill so best universities in.