BoyTown group shot
  • Tommy Boy claims it was he and not Benny G who invented BoyTown's signature dance move 'The Pendulum'.
  • Benny G's hair isn't going grey - those are ash highlights!
  • Corey's catch phrase is 'That's Catchy!'
  • Benny and Tommy's first band while they were at high school was called the Johnson Twins... and they don't even look alike.
  • Marty Boomstein claims he can organise 'anything' for the boys on tour. And by anything he means hookers.
  • Benny G's solo album 'Benny G Just Me' is consistenly rated one of the top ten worst albums of the 90's.
  • BoyTown were the highest grossing act of 1989, but according to Marty Boomstein they didn't make a profit.
  • BoyTown are the only band currently touring with a 'spare pair of sensible pants' on their rider.
  • When BoyTown started out Marty Boomstein was so broke he slept on the floor at Benny's place.
  • Benny G had Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon's home number on his speed dial.
  • At a press conference the boys like to sit on the same configuration as they are on stage.
  • Benny and Holly were voted The Hottest Couple of 1990.
  • Carl loves shopping for shoes.
  • Tommy Boy's Gran still irons his underpants.
  • Boomstein bought his private jet from an African dictator in a deal that involved BoyTown performing a one-off-show for the dictator's birthday.
  • The song from the 80's that Tommy Boy is proudest of is 'Tough Titties'.
  • Bobby Mac is the only boy band singer in history to have the complete works of Shakespeare. Twice.
  • Corey once broke his leg by falling off the stage during 'Dishpan Hands'.