Complete Guide to Basketball Betting

Basketball is the second most popular team sport in the world in terms of circulation and betting volume. Many of its logics are similar to those of football, many others are different: for sure, compared to football, it has the fundamental difference of having a leading championship, the NBA, a reference point for the whole world, while the rest comes much later both from a sporting and a media point of view. In basketball betting* you can bet on individual games and the quarters that make them up, on the performance of individual players, on the results of the playoff series and obviously on the final result. The big division is therefore always the same: antepost bets and match bets, i.e. online* bets on an outcome that matures over time, perhaps even a year later, and bets that run out in one or a few days.

Winning Methods And Systems 

As with all other sports, the best strategy for betting on basketball is to get to know it better not so much than the bookmaker, which is difficult, but the market which ultimately determines the odds. In other words, you need to keep an eye on the games of the most popular teams, the ones most prone to distortion.

Over Strategy

Losing by one point is almost always the same as losing by 20, except in very special cases where the basket difference counts. For this reason, in situations of indecision, when every option seems equivalent, the Over type game (on points, but also on rebounds and assists), makes more sense than the Under type.

Field Factor

Even if the situation compared to basketball a few years ago has improved, playing at home is always a big advantage and playing in the playoffs a big one. The environmental pressure can in fact turn all the whistles in fifty-fifty situations and this consideration is not always reflected in the odds, which often seem made for neutral court games.


Basketball is a strange sport, because whoever has won the first game of a playoff series by 20 points sometimes loses the second game by 25, a fact that also applies to individual games, which are based on partials even between teams of very different values. Not to mention the fact that referees tend to concede more to the losing team. In other words, you have to carefully analyse the chances of the underdog, especially in the live game.

Tips And Tricks 

Ultimately, there are only a few, very precise tips for betting on basketball. The first is to evaluate the emotional moment of each team: often the scores do not have any technical or sporting logic, but depend largely on the previous game.

The second piece of advice is partly related to the first one: in basketball, at any level, it is very difficult to repeat oneself: a great shooter, who has just played a game of 11 out of 11 on three-point shots, could for various reasons lose 1% of confidence and play a game of 2 out of 15.

The third piece of advice is to pay attention to teams that are stronger in defence and less prone to performance swings.

The fourth tip is to focus on the few leagues that are really visible and seen: basketball is now a world sport, but it is not a good reason to bet on the Chinese league based only on the names of the teams and the few players you know.

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