NBA betting: How to bet on MVP

Every year there is a great expectation to know who will be the NBA MVP, i.e. the best basketball player in the world or the one who is considered as such. There are many fans who try to predict in basketball betting* who will win this prestigious title, but before launching into any analysis let’s try to understand what MVP means.

Meaning of MVP and how to bet

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and is the award given by the NBA to the best player in the regular season, the 82 games that each team plays before the playoffs. The award has been given since the 1955-56 season and the player who has won it the most times is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, on 6 occasions. One more than Bill Russell and Michael Jordan, two more than Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James. It is important to point out, also from the perspective of betting, that until 1979-80 the award was given by NBA players, who then essentially voted for one of their colleagues, while from the following season the NBA Most Valuable Player Award was given by journalists and commentators, who could indicate their preferences from the first to the fifth player.

The first player earns 10 points, the second 7, the third 5, the fourth 3 and the fifth 1. It is therefore clear that with this mechanism surprises are almost impossible and that is why the bettor should not go beyond those few names of great impact. At the beginning of this season, for example, LeBron James as possible MVP was offered at 3.33, followed by his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis at 4.50 and Antetokounmpo at 5.00. The only other player under 10.00 was James Harden. This means that as far as media preferences are concerned, surprises are very difficult and therefore in betting one should never stray too far from the main names.

Basketball betting | Head to Head

We explain in simple detail the meaning of the term Head to Head, all tips and predictions related to basketball betting.

Head-to-Head basketball betting* is the simplest possible way of betting on basketball. Basically, you have to bet on the winner of a basketball match, including any extra time (there is no tie in basketball). The explanation could end here, but in reality the discourse is a bit broader. The reason is that head-to-head basketball games often fail to win, since in many cases the technical values are difficult to subvert and in any case very clear.

The randomness of the result is less than in football and therefore even matches between teams of the same rank, with slight differences in value, can have odds for the winning head-to-head of 1.05 or so for the favourite. This is why the majority of bettors prefer to go for 1X2 basketball, where the concept of X varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, and especially head-to-head with handicap, where the favourite team is given a handicap.

Head to Head Basketball: let’s take an example

Let’s take 9.5 points as a yardstick: If you win by 10 points or more, your bets will be on you, in all other cases your bets will be on your opponent. Usually with the head-to-head basketball handicap the odds of 1 and 2 are similar, around 1.90, while in the so called pure head-to-head basketball the differences are huge. This is why the basketball head-to-head is often included in systems, even multi-sports, as a safe bet. In some cases head-to-head basketball is ‘only’ included in systems and made impossible as a single bet, being even at low odds a hunting ground for professional bettors and betting syndicates.

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