About Game 77

Game 77 is a game that belongs to the supplementary lottery of the Lotto and Toto Block. This means you can only play it in conjunction with the Lotto 6 out of 49. The point of Spiel 77 is that the seven-digit number on the lottery ticket must match the Spiel 77 number series drawn (final digit lottery). Therefore, you cannot decide for yourself which lottery numbers participate in Game 77.

The predecessor of Game 77 was the Olympic Lottery. In 1967, it served alongside the GlücksSpirale to finance the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. From 1974 onwards, instead of the Olympic Lottery, Game 77 was launched and played for the first time in 1975.

The draws for Spiel 77 take place every Wednesday and Saturday and can be seen live on television. Game 77 is also often used in special draws. It is essential for the drawing of the winning numbers to take place in public and in the presence of a notary.

The organiser is the lottery companies of the federal states.

The Lotto Spiel 77 rules


Every player who fills out a lottery ticket for the 6 out of 49 lottery can participate in the Spiel 77. You can do this either online or in a lottery kiosk. Game 77 cannot be played separately or independently of the 6 out of 49 Lotto, it is always linked to a Lotto or Toto block.

At the bottom of the lottery ticket there is a bar and an area for participation in Game 77, where the “Yes” must be ticked in order to participate in the game.

The players themselves cannot determine the participating ticket number in Game 77. The series of numbers for the game is pre-printed in the lower left corner of each ticket for the Lotto 6 out of 49. If Game 77 is played online, a random number generator creates the ticket number automatically. This can be regenerated online as often as you like at the touch of a button.


The cost of participating in Spiel 77 is $2.50 per draw. If the lottery ticket is valid for more than one draw, this also applies to participation in Spiel 77. In this case, the amount to be paid is added to the price of the lottery ticket. However, there are no further processing fees here.

Game 77 draws

Twice a week, every Wednesday 18:25 and Saturday 19:25, the draw of the supplementary lottery takes place nationwide on television. Seven winning numbers are drawn, which must match as many of the seven numbers on the lottery ticket as possible in order to win. The order is also important, the number sequence of the draw has to be matched from the right.

This winning number can be between 0000000 and 9999999.

Procedure of the Spiel 77 draw

For this Spiel 77 draw, a machine with 7 separate chambers is used. Each chamber contains 10 ping-pong sized balls labelled with the numbers 0 to 9. Then one ball is drawn from each of these chambers. The numbers of the seven balls show the winning numbers for the Spiel 77 draw. The correct sequence of numbers runs from the right. Only with two correct final numbers is there a chance of winning.

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