Australian Players Suffered a Real Pandemic of Gambling Addiction

The Australian authorities intend to begin a serious fight against gambling in the country, as in 2017 Australian gamblers lost about $ 17 billion in slot machines. Statistics collected by the authorities of Queensland show that players have lost a record $ 18 billion this year.

At the moment, 25% of all the poker machines in the world are located in Australia. Such machines, which locally are called “pokies”, are located in almost every bar. In total, there are more than 200 thousand “one-armed bandits” here, while the population of Australia is only 24 million people.

Slot Machines for Australia Is the Same as Weapons for America

Slot Machines

In the words of opponents of gambling – slot machines cause real addiction, it can be compared in strength with cocaine. It is quite safer to play a common mobile casino. After a few easy steps of the process of PlayAmo casino login Australia, people get a real casino feeling. Tim Costello, chair of the community that advocates for gambling reform in Australia, says:

“For Australia, slot machines are the same as weapons for America. This industry has pinned down the Australian government in the same way that the US National Rifle Association has pressed the American government. We want to change that.”

The chairman recounted horrific facts such as 400 Australians commit suicide every year due to gambling addiction. Blame for everything – these games. Costello explained that they are designed to make a person addicted. Why is it happening?

  • Slot machines provoke the release of dopamine (the hormone of happiness). It is a feeling that players simply cannot find in ordinary everyday things and therefore they have to play constantly.
  • One Australian gambler even filed a lawsuit against a well-known manufacturer of slot machines, claiming that the company specifically designs gambling in such a way that they cheat players.
  • The developer denied everything, confirming that the games meet strict standards and are certified.

The representative of the Australian Department for the Control of Gambling and Alcohol – Marlene Keyrouz also stated the need to change the legislation in the field of gambling:

“National statistics show that we have a lot of work to do across the country. People who believe that they are addicted will have the opportunity to enter their name on the registry, which will close their access to online casinos and gambling applications. Such a measure will protect those who do not control their own gambling passion.

To date, more than 200 thousand Australians have already admitted to gambling addiction and another 400 thousand suffer from its less pronounced form. The numbers really exceeded the reasonable norm. Australia can rightfully be called the record-breaking country for the loss of the population in slot machines. It is since the average loss of one gambling addict per year was 1,000 US dollars.

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